Representation: of companies as agent, distributor or local partner in emerging economies
    Consultancy: market entry strategy, due diligence, and technical studies in supply chain restructuring, 
    PPP (public private partnership) concessions and investment strategies. 

    Expertise in transport infrastructure, logistics hubs and rail freight operations (terminals), blended 
    with collaborative supply chains, warehousing and inventory management and distribution. 

    Experienced as operator, partner and advisor for large and mid-sized projects, greenfield and 
    brownfield, private and PPP concessionaire model.
    Our ethos is to design and engineer the most environmentally and sustainability conscious projects.

    Unique Investment strategy guidance for investments and fund allocations across a spectra of global
    and local businesses, funds and markets in distinct socio political climates. Expertise in management 
    and implementation of complex project designs across unique and multilayerd organisational structures

    The focus is on trading commodities and representation of global companies in emerging and third 
    world markets